My Background

Hi I’m Nick and want to share with you my credentials for small businesses.

My introduction to businesses started at a young age. Not because I was a talented young entrepreneur, but mainly because I knew how to speak English.

Growing up in an Italian-speaking household, I was an interpreter for my parents’ business dealings. From accountants, lawyers, banks, architects, contractors and planning boards, I would absorb and repeat the information back in Italian. My father, street smart and uneducated, opened a restaurant in 1960.  Throughout my childhood, my parents worked constantly and saved money to invest. They opened restaurants, invested in real estate in the US and foreign. Because I was the delegated translator, I quickly learned a wealth of information about businesses starting with the labor-intensive tasks all the way to negotiating with contractors. I was able to understand business dealings by being a conduit at accountants’ and lawyers’ offices.

For the past 30 years, I’ve built, started and sold several businesses from food service to foreign property. Today I want to help others achieve a higher potential in business and real estate investing through funding and avoid certain ‘trips’ along the way. If it’s a startup, finding hidden profits, running a businesses more efficiently or even just helping them think out of the ’box’ my passion is to help others.

Today, hiring me in helping you succeed with your company is the foundation of my business. Let me help you with your company and we’ll grow together. Meantime follow me on social media.